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Become a Street Cats volunteer!

Volunteers of every sort are also always welcome and very much appreciated. Think you can lend a hand in any of these areas?

Foster care – we're desperate for people to provide foster homes for cats and kittens before they are found permanent homes - especially for some of the little ones who need more human contact. It's a great way to help out without the long-term responsibility of adopting.

Vet visits – with sterilisation and the care of cats/kittens being a major part of what we do, we have to visit the vet a lot. If you drive and have some spare time, we'd love a hand in picking up and dropping off kittens and cats who need to go to the vet.

Fundraising – Street Cats relies on donations and the wonderful generosity of others to keep going. If you have any experience in fundraising (even if that means you're a great baker), or can simply provide an extra set of hands in this area we'd be hugely appreciative.

Cat colony helpers – feeding our colonies everyday can be quite a task, but even if you can spare just one day a week to do one colony, that would make a huge difference. Think you're up for it?

Administration/book-keeping – like any organisation, we too have to keep an eye on our books. If you can help us out with anything administration-related, we'd love your expertise.

Whatever else you can think of – at the end of the day, we'll take all and any kind of help we can get. So if you're enthusiastic, energetic and willing to help, we would welcome your input.

Contact us via our contact form if you're interested or would like more information.