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What to do when your pet has gone missing:

Check with your neighbours to see if any of them have spotted your missing pet, leaving your details in case they see anything. It might also be worth checking things like garages and sheds – any dark places they might accidentally be locked in or have gone to hide after feeling sick or being injured.


Contact La Perrera in Jerez, they frequently pick up pets, keeping them for 10 days before they are put to sleep. Make sure you contact them and leave your contact details with a description of your pet incase they come across it.


Create coloured posters with your pet's photo, name, description (including whether they have a collar or not) and the date and location they were last seen. And of course your contact details. Put these up around your local community in a 10K radius as well as at all the vets in the area.


Leave a bowl of fresh food and water outside around the time you usually feed them to help attract them home in case they haven't wandered far.


Keep actively looking by continuously checking in at the vets, with people in your local community, the neighbours and the likes. You never know when they might turn up – or where – so it's important to be active in your search.


Tips to prevent your pet from being lost and not found


  1. If your pet has a one, make sure their quick release collar has a tag with its name and your current contact number on it.
  2. Have your pet microchipped and registered to make finding it easier.

Sterilise your pet. Those unsterilised have a biological urge to wander in order to breed.