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About Us 

Street Cats was formed in 2012 after a small group of friends identified a real problem in the growing number of stray and abandoned cats in their area – Costa de la Luz. This was (and still is) mainly due to the complete lack of sterilisation, leaving many kittens and cats discarded by their unwanting owners.

Despite lacking in numbers, they decided something needed to be done. And so Street Cats was born – a fundraising organisation to help reduce the stray cat population in the area of Conil de Frontera.

How you can help?

We need all the support we can get, and every little bit counts. You can:

  • Donate cat food, cat boxes, blankets, toys etc, which can be dropped off at either Agroconil Vets in El Colorado or with Sorhen at LHD in La Barrosa (next door to Oasis bar). Or simply click the 'Donate' button to give money.
  • Sponsor a cat for just 4 euros a month – see some of the furry faces in need in our 'Sponsor' section.
  • Support our events and tell your friends about them.

Volunteer! We are always desperate for all kinds of volunteers – check out the 'Volunteer' tab for more details.