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What does Street Cats actually do?

Street Cats is dedicated to reducing the stray cat population in the Conil de la Frontera area by trapping, sterilising and releasing them. We also rescue and re-home abandoned cats and kittens where we can, often using contacts from other countries when there aren't homes for them locally. We've sent a number of our cats and kittens to loving families in Germany and Luxembourg, for example.

Street Cats looks after a couple of cat colonies in the area by providing them with shelter, food and medical care including sterilisation – the most important tool in helping to control the number of stray cats.

We welcome any help we can get, offering support to those looking after cat colonies of their own, in the form of advice, reduced vet fees for sterilisation and loaned traps.

Where do the rescued cats and kittens come from?

Some have been found abandoned at the sites of the cat colonies we look after, others are simply found on the street, sadly left by their owners. As a small organisation we don't have the capacity to take in pets that people no longer want.

Can I adopt a cat or kitten?

Yes! We have plenty of lovable, beautiful cats and kittens just waiting for a new home. In fact, you can meet them in the 'Adopt' section. Then contact us to arrange a viewing.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Street Cats don't sell cats or kittens, but we like to make sure all our furry friends are happy and healthy before they are adopted, asking for a minimum 10€ donation towards this.

Can I adopt a single kitten?

We prefer to re-home kittens in a pair as they tend to settle better that way. However, if you can provide a loving and caring home, it's possible we'll make an exception.

Does Street Cats have a shelter?

No, we don't operate a shelter. Instead we have a network of incredible volunteers who provide foster homes for a small number of cats and kittens until they can be found more permanent homes. Due to our limited resources we simply cannot take in every cat or kitten, however we do our best and are always grateful to anyone who would like to volunteer as a foster carer.

How can I become a foster carer?

We're desperate for more foster carers, so contact us using our contact form and we'll be in touch ASAP with more details.

Does Street Cats accept donations?

Yes! As a volunteer-based fundraising organisation, we rely on the generous support of others to keep us going. For example, with our plan to sterilise as many stray and abandoned cats as we can, we have a mounting vet bill. So every cent counts towards helping us carry out the work that we do.

Of course it's not just money you can donate. We also always appreciate donations of cat food, carry boxes, toys, blankets and the likes which can be dropped off at either Agroconil Vets in El Colorado or with Sorhen at LHD in La Barrosa (next door to Oasis bar).

Does Street Cats accept surrendered cats or kittens?

No, Street Cats does simply not have the capacity and do not accept cats and kittens from people who no longer want their pets. For advice on rehoming your cat or kitten, please use our contact form.

I’ve lost my cat/kitten, can Street Cats help?

We have a page of advice to help reunite people with their lost furry friends. Simply click on the 'Lost pets' tab for more information.

What is a cat colony?

A cat colony is a group of cats living together in the same area outside. There can be anywhere from a handful, to a hundred cats. They are usually a result of people abandoning unsterilised cats and even whole litters of kittens. These then congregate to find food, shelter and breed.

I’ve found a cat colony, what can I do?

The best way to prevent a cat colony from growing is by trapping, sterilising and releasing as many of them as possible. We can help by lending you traps and giving advice on how best to do this, as well as offer reduced vet sterilisation fees. You can also try and get your community involved and contributing to the costs, as sterilisation will have wider benefits for them too.

Frustratingly, it is illegal to feed cat colonies in Spain. However if you choose to feed them, remember it is a commitment. You'll need to sustain it at least on a semi-regular basis, as the cats will quickly learn to expect the new source of food. Feeding the cats will help prevent them from scavenging in the likes of rubbish bins and ensure they have a balanced and healthy diet – which is why we care for several cat colonies, while keeping an eye on the population and sterilising any new additions.

I’ve found a friendly stray cat/kitten what can I do?

As we don't have the resources to take in every cat or kitten, the first thing we'd advise is not to pick up the stray or strays you've found unless you are willing to foster or adopt them. We can of course help you with re-homing and the all important sterilising - so you won't be alone when you decide to rescue the cat or kitten(s).

Simply use our contact page and we'll get back to you with the best ways to get the stray cat (or cats) off the street and into loving homes, as well as offer any advice and support we can.

Do you offer free or discounted sterilising?

Yes! Sterilisation is the first step to controlling the stray cat population and is critical to our cause. Street Cats offers subsidised sterilising and when resources permit, free sterilisation. Contact us for more info.